Case Matrices 

No two people are alike. Therefore, an individual's needs in areas of health and wellness are as unique as they are. The uniqueness of that person is defined in his/her ability to attain a healthy lifestyle. The following case studies were designed to address their well care: Carl Age 21, Junior College, Sally Age 65, Full-Time Administrator, Justin Age 13, 7th grade, and Jennifer Age 35, Working Mom of 3 kids, 

Unit 4:UNUnit 4: Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements

Heart health is the focus for the month of February. The importance of understanding what heart health looks like, what we should eat, and what vitamins, herbs, and supplements are good in aiding and caring for the heart will be the focus. 

The Unit 4:UNUnit 5: Complementary and Alternative Medicines  

This course was put together for a local university to address Relaxation Techniques in CAM. The course is comprised of three weekends of course materials. The course goes over an overview of CAM before addressing Mind-Body Interventions. It is my hope that if you embark upon individual study of this course that you will take away the values of the Mind-Body Interconnectedness and the importance of CAM interventions.

Balance of: Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotions