Balance of:

Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotions

Psychology of Mind & Spirit:

We understand our bodies to consist of different tenets. The tenets are comprised of: Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions. When we fail to feed or nuture any one of these tenets this places stress upon the other tenets. Two of the most important tenets, we should address consist of: Mind & Spirit. 

The mind is comprised of the neural activities of the brain and thus this feeds our physical body with messages all day, everyday. When we are healthy and our thoughts are healthy then we generate positive messages to our body. However, when we are not healthy either via physiology or psychology then we often are feeding our body with negative messages. Thus, this in turn generates other problems for us.

In addition, to our mental or mind processes there also exists our spiritual self. This spiritual self is what creates the harmonic balance on a continuum. It aids us in viewing the world around us in ways that we might not otherwise have possession of or concept for. For instance, we can see how the universe contects to us on a spiritual level. We are intended to care for our spiritual self just like other tenets. When we neglect to care for this tenet it too can have negative impact upon our mind and physical body. Frequently, we see this illustrated through our emotional responses.

Please take some time and evaluate the attached documents which illustrate an interview which was conducted to aid a person in connecting to his spiritual self, values, and beliefs. These questions materialized for him a center or focal point from which he was able to assess and address his wellness. You can utilize these questions or create your own to provide more clarity for yourself what your values and beliefs are!!