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Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions

Antioxidants: Nutritious Superfoods

What are antioxidants? Antioxidants work together to reduce free radicals and damage to the major organs and vital tissue within the cells of the body. Many fruits and vegetables and other superfoods have these built into them,  

What :

Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions


Dr. Bryce Wylde explains how super foods can improve your life and aid in aging well.

Dietary Antioxidants and Exercise:

Though, there is not a clear and concise picture as to the total impact of antioxidants on the human body during exercise. Nonetheless, there is evidence of radicals being released during exercise and  an impact upon antioxidant balance. This article supports that while science has not given a definitive picture to what degree the body is impacted;  it is pivotal that antioxidants be addressed when it comes to exercise.  The advantage of supplmentation of antioxidants through super foods is preferred:


What :

Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions

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Get rid of these Superfoods!! 

(*Kasey's recommendation don't just do away with all the healthy foods but do add the polyphenols!!)

Dr. Steven Grundy 


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